ALventureBlogs is a space where we write about our stories, our travels, and our adventures. Often people ask what ALventure means and they are quick to correct us if ever we misspelled adventure in our writeups on this blog. ALventure is a term we made up from our name initials plus the fact that we are on an adventure in life together. We’re ordinary people in quest of memories as we explore the world together as husband and wife. Click on the green button below to know more about our Christian journey.


Don’t get us wrong, travel is not our life. It’s a part of it! Our ultimate dream is to live a life glorifying to the Lord. We are slaves in the corporate world and we did not sell everything we own to travel like others do. Our life is not perfect and we don’t pretend that we’re living the dream with bars set high. So when not in the office, we are part-time travelers. We are a simple couple committed to working together with God to enjoy every moment in our marriage, including the imperfect instances, too. And isn’t it good to have some of them captured? It is a reward for us to be on holiday to unwind from the usual hustle and bustle of life, take delight in God’s creation, have our own quality T-I-M-E together and pursue intimacy with the Lord.


Every so often, we write about our experiences and share all the best tips we’ve learned from each destination feat that may be helpful to you! We thirst for adventure and each of our travel quenches the craving we have for fun under the sun. 🙂

This blog hopes to inspire and motivate you and your family to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Pleasure isn’t all about luxury. True happiness is knowing that God is good and that His love is extravagant! The presence of the Lord will bring your family awesome joy and bond. Travel together as a bonus. 🙂 Stay as thick as glue and enjoy strengthening your relationships with each other. That’s how you enjoy life to its fullest! Anything is possible through Christ Jesus.


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